Política de Cookies

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Cookies are harmless files sent to your navigator by means of a web service with the aim of recording user activity during your stay on the website.

According to current legislation, cookies must be obligatory on the web pages of all service providers, and under no circumstances may cookies be used to collect information of a personal nature.
The cookies used are associated solely with an anonymous user and their computer. The use of cookies makes it possible for the website server to recognise the user’s internet browser with the aim of simplifying their browsing experience. They are also used to measure viewership and traffic parameters, and monitor the process and number of visits.

Interleng’s website uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service developed explicitly by Google and which allows measurement and analysis of webpage browsing. Users have the option of setting their browser to notify them of the reception of cookies and to prevent them from being installed on their device.
Please consult your browser instructions and manuals for more information in this regard.

In order to access and view the different pages on our website, it is not necessary for the user to accept the installation of cookies sent by the website, or third party acting in its name, bearing in mind that the user needs to open a session of this kind for each of the services requiring registration prior to use.

The cookies used on this website are, in any case, of a temporary nature and solely for the purpose of making subsequent transmission more effective.

Interleng assumes that, by continuing to view the website, you accept the use of cookies.